Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding
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Melina Perez, the Spanish American wrestler and star of WWE Raw, saw Tony and Tina get married at their new home in the V Theatre at Planet Hollywood.


Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding Las Vegas Show Times at the V Theater at Planet Hollywood

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, the hilarious dinner show, is performing for local, national and international visitors at the V Theater located at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino inside the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas.

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is the original interactive, “reality” comedy hit where audience members play the roles of “invited guests” at a side-splitting wedding ceremony and reception. The evening begins with the nuptials, followed by a rousing affair featuring a full Italian buffet, wedding cake, great music, dancing, and lots of fun.

Since its original New York opening, Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding has earned countless rave reviews. The New York Times called it “Audaciously Imaginative” and syndicated columnist Liz Smith of The New York Post, hailed it as “One of the Most Successful and Imaginative hits in Off-Broadway History!” The Chicago Tribune said “Just like a real wedding … only funnier!” Mike Weatherford of the Las Vegas Review Journal said, ‘”Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding’ an interactive theater experience that gets audience on its feet!”

Since 2010 marks the 10th year for Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding in Las Vegas, the show has been updated to include a variety of tunes including great dance music mixed with familiar, traditional Italian songs.

The space at the V Theatre has been totally redesigned for this new 10th anniversary production of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. It is much like the original room from the New York City production — It is intimate and filled with flavor. It is called “Vinnie’s Hideaway” and the space has been redone providing a feeling of old Italian wedding hall fantasy and Las Vegas nostalgia.


Whoa, maybe Connie’s right, I do use too much hot water in the shower… mirror’s so fogged up I can’t see nothin’.  Hey, at least I’m clean, right?  Heh, I made one a them double meaning kinda jokes, I gotta tell Barry that one later.  I can’t believe it’s almost been six months sober… that is so awesome.  If youda told me a year ago I be sober now Ida laughed at ya, but now… I dunno, it’s awesome.  I hope Barry don’t mind me borrowing some of his clothes, I didn’t have nothing dressy or anything.  It’s no tux, but at least I’m wearing a jacket and tie, right.  Tina will get a kick outta that, me in a tie.  It was so awesome seeing her the other night.  Yeah, she was kinda wasted, but it was still cool.  It’ll be even better tonight ‘cause she’s gonna see the new me, clean Mikey, sober Mikey, you know… grown up Mikey.  Not that we didn’t have a lot of fun before… man if my van could talk.  Oooh, yeah, I gotta tell her that I got new carpet put in there and I finally hung up that little disco ball.  We always talked about doin that.  Still, new Mikey is better, right?  Yeah, and especially once I get a job and stuff, then it’ll be all like, “Hey Mikey, you’ve changed so much, you’re all mature and responsible and stuff.”  And I’ll be all like “yeah.”  That’ll be so cool.  This wedding is gonna be so cool.   I still can’t believe she asked me to come, she really wants me there.   Yeah, she does, she really wants me there.  What’s up with that?  Maybe she wants to see the real Michael before she totally marries Tony.  Whoa, maybe she wants everybody to see how much I’ve changed and how much better I am, right.  I mean that the only reason we broke up was that I was messed up all the time… I ain’t messed up no more so maybe she wants me to show up and get her outta there.  Or maybe she’ll see me all dressed up and ask me to take Tony’s place.  Yeah, she totally wants me to be there to make sure I really changed.    Well I’m gonna be there and Tina and everybody else is gonna see the new improved Michael Just.  Whoa, this outfit looks pretty good.  Tonight is gonna rock…big time!MICHAEL IS JUSTIFIED


Maddie and Holly 1I am so excited for Tony and Tina! I have been dating Tony’s father, Anthony Nunzio Sr. for a year, and I feel like Tony is my son. I am hoping the wedding will give Tony’s father the idea to pop the big question to me:)

This is my first family function and I was both excited and nervous about the wedding because Tina’s mother, Josehine Vitale, hates me and wouldn’t send me a wedding invitation. I felt like a wedding crasher and I didn’t know how the other guests would feel about me. I thought I would just try and blend in and keep a low profile, but everyone was so nice to me that I quickly came out of my shell and had so much fun dancing and mingling with all of Tony and Tina’s friends.

I was so impressed with what a great job Tony and Tina did planning such a beautiful wedding at Planet Hollywood. They even had Frank Marino conduct the vows, and I got to meet one of my idols, Holly Madison , who was also a guest at the wedding!

Tony’s father owns the Animal KIngdom which is the classiest stripclub in Las vegas. After the wedding, many of the guests joined us there for an afterparty of pole dancing, lap dancing, and lots of fun!

I hope to see all of you at the wedding soon:)


This is Father Mark. He is a really cool priest. He is the one that I want to marry me and Tony because he … well – he will make the ceremony pretty short and that’s really great cause it will get us to the party quicker and getting to the party quicker is what a wedding is about … right?  

Ma doesn’t know he is going to marry us but I got this plan all worked out. She thinks Monsigneur Flynn is coming from New York but I know for a fact that he isn’t.  He can’t fly.He tried to tell her but you know my mother… she just doesn’t listen to anything but the sound of her own voice.

See ya at the Wedding… TinaFather Mark


(from Father Mark’s personal journal)

God Help Me! Why am I still awake at this hour when I’ve got to be up for 6:30am Mass in 4 hours?! With Father Michael taking off to Iowa for his brother’s wedding, it’s been double-duty all week… And tonight – last minute I was called to officiate the Nunzio-Vitale wedding: Tony and Tina. They were expecting their family priest from back east – Monsignor… something… – but apparently he’s elderly and suffers from quite painful gout and decided last minute he couldn’t take the flight out from New York.
Well, considering how generous Anthony, Sr has been to Our Lady of Las Vegas over the past 5-or-so years, and I did get to know T&T pretty well during our Pre-Cana sessions… Anyway, I was happy to be able to be there for them.
Started out a bit rough. Tina’s mother (the apple doesn’t fall far!…), the formidable Josephine Vitale, was understandably upset that the man who Christened her daughter wasn’t going to officiate at her wedding. (I must say that the kids all seemed quite pleased, tho!)
It turned out to be a beautiful affair at the Planet Hollywood – lovely setting, quite a spread for dinner. Michael Just showed up unexpectedly. Hmmm… He must have snuck out early. I told him I’d give him a ride back to Barry and Connie’s. Well between the couple of sips of champagne I indulged in for the toasts, and the Vicodin this afternoon after the tether-ball incident, I’m feeling a bit loopy! Didn’t even make it to the hospital to visit poor, sweet Rose… I’m sure she’s fine. I’ll get over there first thing after Mass in the morning…


Father Mark and Kato




For anyone who has ever fantasized about being in show business, here is the opportunity to live out that dream as audience members step into the role of guests at the nuptials and wedding reception of Tina Vitale and Tony Nunzio.

For two hours at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, guests enjoy hilarious interaction with the bride and groom and members of their boozing, brawling families. This is improvisation at its best, which is why Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is the second-longest running show in off-Broadway history.

Tony and Tina have walked down the aisle more than 2,000 times in front of more than 450,000 guests during its seven-year run in Las Vegas alone, and still every wedding is one-of-a-kind experience. The evening offers lots of laughs, an Italian buffet dinner with champagne and the chance to shake it on the dance floor and participate in a conga line. Guests even receive a souvenir photo to remember the evening.

The show began in New York City 21 years ago, yet it takes place in the current day, which keeps it fresh and relevant.  “We’ve updated the costumes and music to suit Planet Hollywood’s younger, hipper crowd and replaced standards like Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” with more upbeat music from artists like Fergie, “ says Larry Pellegrini, the show’s original director and one of its co-creators.

But this version comes with a twist from the mind of Robert Earl co-chairman of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino who, says Pellegrini, “suggested we bring in a variety of celebrity wedding crashers which fits their Hollywood theme. So far we’ve had wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, [singer] Tiffany, Barry Williams from The Brady Bunch and Kato Kaelin.  Each celebrity crasher plays themselves and has a back story that connects them to the show so it makes sense why they are there.”

Kaelin makes an appearance as an old friend of the Nunzio family. “I was Tony’s houseguest in Brooklyn while I auditioned for soap operas, long before I was O.J.’s houseguest,” Kaelin explains of the connection. “I talk with people, make jokes, sit in their lap and invite them to dance.”

Kaelin says he had fun with the role and improvising on the go as guests referenced his past. “One night someone shouted, ‘Did he do it?’ and I shouted back, ‘Yes, he did it. Tony got married.'”

The fast-moving show which spoofs the union of two colorful Italian families is like a three-ring circus, complete with arguments between the bride and groom and their relatives; toasts made between the best man and maid-of-honor that will have you in stitches; and even Tony smashing a piece of wedding cake into Tina’s face.

There’s also lots of hugging. “I’ve taught the cast to be Italian, to embrace a person in the meaningful way, rather than just being funny,” says Pellegrini.

“People enjoy a wide range of emotions throughout the play. Connie, the eight-month pregnant maid of honor, will ask people about their kids as well as advice about what to do for swollen ankles.”

So here’s to Tony and Tina’s everlasting love and to the wedding guests who share in their happiness…every night. Bada bing, bada boom!



Welcome to my beautiful daughter’s wedding! Valentina Lynn Vitale is a very special girl and she wants all the special people in the world to come to her very special wedding at The Planet Hollywood to Anthony Nunzio Jr. We got everything. A live band. Champagne Cocktails. Wedding Cake – Vanilla. And an Italian Buffet from the Chef at PH that is bellissimo. My own mother couldn’t have done better (she’s dead God rest her soul.) We got dancing – slow dancing – fast dancing – Chicken Dance and YMCA – we got a stripper on the bar who didn’t come from the Pleasure Pit – believe you me. This wedding is the triumph of my life – no economic downturn here – you can even stay over night at the Planet Hollywood – have a drink and slide into your room. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Now – Just remember… when you come… act right or my friend here, Rowdy Roddy Piper will do whatever I tell him … and he’s very nice but he’s very tough. He is a special friend of the family and you can be too. I will be blogging once a week. Hope to see you on line in Tony N’ Tina Blogdom!!!

Josephine Vitale, the Mother of the Bride

P.S. How’d the photographer make me look? Gorgeous right? Of course! Ciao.