Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding
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Welcome to my beautiful daughter’s wedding! Valentina Lynn Vitale is a very special girl and she wants all the special people in the world to come to her very special wedding at The Planet Hollywood to Anthony Nunzio Jr. We got everything. A live band. Champagne Cocktails. Wedding Cake – Vanilla. And an Italian Buffet from the Chef at PH that is bellissimo. My own mother couldn’t have done better (she’s dead God rest her soul.) We got dancing – slow dancing – fast dancing – Chicken Dance and YMCA – we got a stripper on the bar who didn’t come from the Pleasure Pit – believe you me. This wedding is the triumph of my life – no economic downturn here – you can even stay over night at the Planet Hollywood – have a drink and slide into your room. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Now – Just remember… when you come… act right or my friend here, Rowdy Roddy Piper will do whatever I tell him … and he’s very nice but he’s very tough. He is a special friend of the family and you can be too. I will be blogging once a week. Hope to see you on line in Tony N’ Tina Blogdom!!!

Josephine Vitale, the Mother of the Bride

P.S. How’d the photographer make me look? Gorgeous right? Of course! Ciao.



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