Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding
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Maddie Meets Holly Madison

Maddie and Holly 1I am so excited for Tony and Tina! I have been dating Tony’s father, Anthony Nunzio Sr. for a year, and I feel like Tony is my son. I am hoping the wedding will give Tony’s father the idea to pop the big question to me:)

This is my first family function and I was both excited and nervous about the wedding because Tina’s mother, Josehine Vitale, hates me and wouldn’t send me a wedding invitation. I felt like a wedding crasher and I didn’t know how the other guests would feel about me. I thought I would just try and blend in and keep a low profile, but everyone was so nice to me that I quickly came out of my shell and had so much fun dancing and mingling with all of Tony and Tina’s friends.

I was so impressed with what a great job Tony and Tina did planning such a beautiful wedding at Planet Hollywood. They even had Frank Marino conduct the vows, and I got to meet one of my idols, Holly Madison , who was also a guest at the wedding!

Tony’s father owns the Animal KIngdom which is the classiest stripclub in Las vegas. After the wedding, many of the guests joined us there for an afterparty of pole dancing, lap dancing, and lots of fun!

I hope to see all of you at the wedding soon:)


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