Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding
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Whoa, maybe Connie’s right, I do use too much hot water in the shower… mirror’s so fogged up I can’t see nothin’.  Hey, at least I’m clean, right?  Heh, I made one a them double meaning kinda jokes, I gotta tell Barry that one later.  I can’t believe it’s almost been six months sober… that is so awesome.  If youda told me a year ago I be sober now Ida laughed at ya, but now… I dunno, it’s awesome.  I hope Barry don’t mind me borrowing some of his clothes, I didn’t have nothing dressy or anything.  It’s no tux, but at least I’m wearing a jacket and tie, right.  Tina will get a kick outta that, me in a tie.  It was so awesome seeing her the other night.  Yeah, she was kinda wasted, but it was still cool.  It’ll be even better tonight ‘cause she’s gonna see the new me, clean Mikey, sober Mikey, you know… grown up Mikey.  Not that we didn’t have a lot of fun before… man if my van could talk.  Oooh, yeah, I gotta tell her that I got new carpet put in there and I finally hung up that little disco ball.  We always talked about doin that.  Still, new Mikey is better, right?  Yeah, and especially once I get a job and stuff, then it’ll be all like, “Hey Mikey, you’ve changed so much, you’re all mature and responsible and stuff.”  And I’ll be all like “yeah.”  That’ll be so cool.  This wedding is gonna be so cool.   I still can’t believe she asked me to come, she really wants me there.   Yeah, she does, she really wants me there.  What’s up with that?  Maybe she wants to see the real Michael before she totally marries Tony.  Whoa, maybe she wants everybody to see how much I’ve changed and how much better I am, right.  I mean that the only reason we broke up was that I was messed up all the time… I ain’t messed up no more so maybe she wants me to show up and get her outta there.  Or maybe she’ll see me all dressed up and ask me to take Tony’s place.  Yeah, she totally wants me to be there to make sure I really changed.    Well I’m gonna be there and Tina and everybody else is gonna see the new improved Michael Just.  Whoa, this outfit looks pretty good.  Tonight is gonna rock…big time!MICHAEL IS JUSTIFIED



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